Instant Traffic With Pay Per Click

Every business wants more traffic and information and they want it NOW! Search engine optimization is a long term solution to traffic and a sustainable one if done properly. You will not see results in days or even weeks usually. To see major SEO results you have to give a search engine optimization campaign several months, usually within 3 months is when things will really start to click. For instant short term results we turn to Pay Per Click advertising.

There is a solution for all those impatient business owners out there however. Pay Per Click or PPC is a way to drive traffic to your site and it is instant. You can target specific locations and demographics and even keywords which makes your advertising very focused unlike say print media which you can not always control as specifically. Setting up and managing a PPC campaign solves two problems for new websites. It gives the business instant traffic and it gives us data. We learn what keywords really drive buying customers to your site. This allows us to then work a search engine optimization audit with additional data than say a new site with no data at all and that makes a huge difference. Pay Per Click is a great solution for some businesses also since there are some out there that may not benefit as much from traditional SEO services.

We can setup and manage your PPC campaign on a monthly basis for you. Head over to our PPC service page to find out just what you get from the services we offer.

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Why Do You Need Business Reviews?

Why do you need business reviews?

One of the effective ways for a company to maintain its online presence and reputation is to continuously have their customers or clients post review of their products and / or services. According to a study conducted by Search Engine Land’s Local Consumer Review Survey, more than 50% of consumers are likely to avail the services of a company if they have positive reviews online and more than 70% of consumers said that they trust the online reviews as if it’s a personal recommendation to them.

There are many popular sites that offer businesses a place for them to post their online business reviews such as Google, Yelp, BBB and many more. Not only do these sites get the companies added exposure, help in its SEO but also provide the consumers with information they can trust. In this way, consumers who visit the site and view a company’s reviews can easily have a good idea about a company’s products & services as well as realize whether a company provide good and efficient service.

Companies can actually take advantage of the features that online business review site offers as it can help them reach their target market and convert them into good leads.

Ways To Get Business Reviews

  • Encourage existing customers to post an online review
  • Broadcast to social media accounts and website the links where consumers can post a review
  • Claim the company’s business’ profile from top online business review sites
  • Feature the testimonials posted to the company’s website so existing consumers will be more interested
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Google Local

Google has done it again and released a major change with Google Local. This time it is the merger of Google Places into what is now being called Google+ Local. This change came about due to the nature of local and the fact that some 20% of Google’s searches are for nearby information which is considered local search. Mobile search is a little different with its local intent searches accounting for 40% of the searches done. That means 20-40% of searches done in your area are for local information and if your not showing up then your missing out on potential new customers and business.

Another major change with this is the reviews. Instead of the traditional 5 star system they have moved to what they are calling the Zagat score which is a 30 point system. In order for your score to show up on your profile though you need to get some reviews, most of the sites with their score showing have over 5 reviews at this point. This makes it crucial that you have your customers head over to your site and post reviews for you. Another addition is other businesses will be able to review your business now also. The nice thing about reviews being in this new Google+ Local is that when someone leaves a review all their followers in their circles will see that review.

What you need to do and do now is the following for Google Local

1. Get your profile setup if you do not have one. (Contact Us If You Want Professional Help With This)
2. Make sure all the information is correct.
3. Get colleagues, customers and other businesses to review your business.
4. Get your marketing people on this since the word is the new local profile pages will be indexed so building traffic and links to them helps your visibility.

If you have not done this or are not comfortable with it contact us today 707-332-0449 and you can hire us to set it all up for you.

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Innovative Design Saves Your Business Money!

If your like many small business’s out there then saving some money and getting quick results is a major selling point. That is why we offer our blog design packages where we offer you quick and money saving packages for your business blog solution. Why spend thousands of dollars when it can be done just as quickly using what many others before you have created. Templates are pre-built layouts for WordPress Blogs. By choosing a template you like and having it customized to match the colors of your site and adding your logo or business banner into the template you can have a blog up significantly quicker than hiring a company that will design your theme from scratch spending many hours getting everything to work when there are already thousands of premium templates out there for you to choose from.

Many templates you can obtain free and if you want to use a free template that is fine, however our Advance Blog Package offers you the pick of any of the themes from our list of theme designers. These templates are testing and already built so all that needs to be done is for us to install them and setup the settings to meet your needs. If you decide to use one of our premium themes from our list of designers there is no additional charge for the Advanced Blog Package and if you decide you like a free theme better then that is perfectly OK.

View Our Premium Theme Designer List

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