Local Citations Building Service

What is a Local Citation?

Local Citation is any form of posting where your business name, address and other contact details are cited in a website. It can be from a blog, listing directory, or even tagged from social media accounts. These citations will then serve as basis to search engines in identifying your business’ location and include it to compatible local searches of users.

Unbeknownst to many, local citations is one of the effective SEO strategies that businesses can implement for their website. Especially if your business caters to a specific area or city, getting as much local citation as you can will definitely be very beneficial.

How to get Local Citations:

Getting local citation is fairly easy to learn but very time intensive. Some will require phone verification or verification by mail and can take weeks while others go through a review process that can range from days to months and all must be kept track of. If you would like to get local citations for your business to help you rank in Google’s Local Listings then review some of our citation building services below.

Local Citation Building Services

We offer 4 different Local Citation Building Services. These Service Prices Are Assuming You Currently Have No Citations Already – Editing Citations & Updating Business Information Is A Separate Service We Can Discuss

After Purchase You Will Be Sent To A Excel Form To Fill Out – Email The Completed Form Back To Us At info@seositetech.com In Order For Us To Begin Work On Your Citations.

Level 4 – 25 local citations $80

Level 3 – 50 local citations $150

Level 2 – 100 local citations $250

Level 1 – 150 local citations $350