Local SEO Blueprint

The first e-book on local SEO has been released on Amazon Kindle and is titled Local SEO Blueprint. It sells for a mind blowing $2.99, that’s cheaper than your cup of coffee in the morning so how can you pass that up, skip the coffee for a day and learn some great local marketing for your business or clients. Local SEO Blueprint is an overview of what is involved in Local SEO. We give you everything you need to know to perform local SEO for your small business or client.

Local SEO Blueprint

Not only do you get Local SEO Blueprint but you get bonuses only available through the companion website.

What are the Bonuses you ask

How about some basic helpful resources.

  • Links To All Tools Referenced In The Ebook
  • Links To All Services and Sites Referenced In The Ebook
  • Link To Special Offer On Our $0.99 Over 100 Local Citation Submission Links
  • Posting of Ebook Updates To The Companion Website
  • Advance notice of future e-books on local SEO such as
 Ultimate Citation Guide
 Local PPC Blueprint
 Local Social Marketing
 How To Kill It With Geo-Tagging
 and more to come.....

But you say that’s nothing bonus like and no its not, its just the start.

Try this on for size.

  • Promotion opportunity to get your local campaign done for you by us at a promotional rate (Very Limited Quantity)



Only $2.99 On Amazon Kindle Store