Why Do You Need Business Reviews?

Why do you need business reviews?

One of the effective ways for a company to maintain its online presence and reputation is to continuously have their customers or clients post review of their products and / or services. According to a study conducted by Search Engine Land’s Local Consumer Review Survey, more than 50% of consumers are likely to avail the services of a company if they have positive reviews online and more than 70% of consumers said that they trust the online reviews as if it’s a personal recommendation to them.

There are many popular sites that offer businesses a place for them to post their online business reviews such as Google, Yelp, BBB and many more. Not only do these sites get the companies added exposure, help in its SEO but also provide the consumers with information they can trust. In this way, consumers who visit the site and view a company’s reviews can easily have a good idea about a company’s products & services as well as realize whether a company provide good and efficient service.

Companies can actually take advantage of the features that online business review site offers as it can help them reach their target market and convert them into good leads.

Ways To Get Business Reviews

  • Encourage existing customers to post an online review
  • Broadcast to social media accounts and website the links where consumers can post a review
  • Claim the company’s business’ profile from top online business review sites
  • Feature the testimonials posted to the company’s website so existing consumers will be more interested

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